Digital age provides us with unlimited options, however I truly believe that printed photo is still of a great value. You can watch, keep, coming back time and time again to and display nicely your printed photos. It is a precious feeling to hold the photo of a loved one and remember. Do you print your photos? Where will you watch your photos in 10, 20 years? Digital photos will disappear in computer memory or cell phot, however printed photo is here to be with you all the way.



Foliobox is a wonderful hand-made box where you can store photos and keep them for next generations. It is covered with a high quality textile canvas at the surface and with decorative ribbon inside. It can be purchased within your package of: 5, 10, 15 OR 20 edited photos.




Large format prints of your photos are supplied on most quality photo papers in hard matts which can be hanged on the wall. Without glass and frames they appear clear and gentle. If you prefer framing you can have it easily framed though.



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