“I was lucky to have more photo sessions with Tereza and always it has been unique experience. Tereza creates friendly and pleasant atmosphere during photo shooting. For me as a non-model she could always advise how to pose, how to adjust face expressions and was always able to get me to right mood. Tereza´s photos are imaginative, different, they just catch the eye and I've always been satisfied and even if we took photos in difficult environments the end results was always good. She is able to capture the best of us, even without unnecessary editing and even if you are not model-like type which is my case. She always carefully select location, everything is set up in advance and the session itself is of professional quality. Photos are then retouched sensitively with perfect result. I just recommend Tereza to all, be it professional models or those who are bit shy in front of camera and are not used to professional photo shooting at all. With Tereza you will make no mistake.”







“As a member of Silná Madam I was really looking forward to photo session with Terezka and based on past photos I knew it will be worth that. And it was. Immediately she appears a likeable person  who knows exactly where to put her models in front of camera. There was a great atmosphere and I think the photos itself show the talent for photo shooting she possess. Putting it simply, she´s just having it “in the eye”.”







“I have already had more photo sessions with Terezka and always it has been great experience. She is very pleasant and can easily dispose you of any doubts with her great approach. There is always a freed atmosphere and you just feel that she is there only for you. That´s why I highly recommend her as a photographer. Not only you will have wonderful photos but the session itself is unforgettable experience as well. I'm sure you won´t regret”.